Innovation Center is on a mission to help technology startups from Eastern Europe and we need your help to do it.

As a mentor, you will guide entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals and realize their potential. You’ll help them understand problems, identify solutions and implement their plans.

Apply to become a mentor


Who is eligible?

We are looking for people who have experience in Business (e.g. Finance, Marketing etc..), Technology (Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, etc..) and all the priority areas …

What is the commitment?

You must also be available to communicate with your entrepreneur/s regularly. We appreciate that your time is limited, but all we ask is for 16 hours of mentoring over a year per mentee.

What do I get out of being a mentor?

  • The personal satisfaction of being able to pass on all you have learned about good business to someone who will benefit from your experience;
  • To guide the entrepreneur/s through a key stage in their careers;
  • To practice your managerial skills;
  • To boost your own career by adding mentorship to your skillset;
  • To become a part of a successful business;
  • To take part in the Innovation Center community events;